Locked yourself out of your home or office?

  • Lost the key to the sliding door?
  • Broke the key?
  • Locks Frozen?
  • Want to consolidate keys/locks?

Quickkey can help you. Our locksmiths have many years experience in all types of locks and have state of the art equipment to help you get back into your home. Our locksmiths can install, repair or replace any lock in your home. Our locksmith can install high-security locks in your home to keep you and your loved ones safe from potential burglars. Looking for something different, we can help you with modern or antique locks and we will make sure they’re installed properly. Our locksmiths are bonded and licensed to ensure your safety.

Locked out of your business?

Expecting a very important business call but you locked yourself out of your office? Our locksmiths can help open the door and get you back on the phone. Not sure if the locks in your office are strong enough or you just want to upgrade to keyless entry and never worry about lost keys again? Our locksmith can recommend locks to suit your needs, install them and show you how to work keyless locks, such as card sliders and electric keypads. They can install locks for fire exits, electric keypad locks and locks for heavy doors. If you need latches that lock into automatic doors, we can help you keep intruders out. Electric keypads can be set by you so that only you know the code that unlocks them. Our locksmiths can also customize locks for your business which cannot be picked easily and will discourage intruders from trying to break in to your office or business. Keyless locks are especially difficult to tamper with and are the most widely used by businesses. A locksmith can give you peace of mind by installing tamper proof locks for your home or office.

Locked yourself out of your car and don’t have a spare…

Our experienced locksmiths can handle emergency lockout, remove broken keys from your ignition or even make a chip key or VAT key for you. Our locksmiths licensed and bonded for your security. Our car locksmiths may also be contracted to install new locks on cars at car dealers.

If you find yourself with a broken key in the ignition, our locksmiths can remove the remaining pieces using specialized tools. If you car remained outside during an extremely cold winter, our locksmiths can help unfreeze your car lock and help you get back on the road. If your car truck won’t open or was damaged somehow, our locksmiths can help you. Our locksmiths are dependable, knowledgeable and will arrive as quickly as possible to help with your every need.